Back to Frank Black

Edited by Adam Chamberlain & Brian A. Dixon


In 1996, a groundbreaking television drama debuted on the Fox network to 18 million viewers and widespread critical acclaim. Created by Chris Carter, Millennium tells the story of Frank Black (Lance Henriksen), a legendary forensic profiler gifted with the ability to see into the minds of killers. Through his work as a consultant with the F.B.I. and the mysterious Millennium Group, the series offers a thoughtful exploration of the nature and manifestations of evil in the modern world. Millennium ran for three seasons and sixty-seven episodes but its story does not end there.

Back to Frank Black offers an unprecedented volume of material exploring this landmark series. With forewords from lead actor Lance Henriksen and co-executive producer Frank Spotnitz and an introduction by series creator Chris Carter, the collection features extensive interviews with key cast and crew as well as essays analyzing Millennium's characters, themes, and enduring legacy written by a number of authors with in-depth knowledge of the series. Inspired by the growing movement to return this iconic hero to the screen, Back to Frank Black finds its focus in an incomparable figure of hope: Frank Black. We need him now more than ever.


The volume includes interviews with Chris Carter, Lance Henriksen, Frank Spotnitz, Megan Gallagher, Glen Morgan, James Wong, Kristen Cloke, Erin Maher, Kay Reindl, Mark Snow, Sarah-Jane Redmond, Michael R. Perry, Thomas J. Wright, Robert McLachlan, Chip Johannessen, and Klea Scott.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Lance Henriksen's preferred registered charity, Children of the Night, an organization dedicated to rescuing America’s children from prostitution.

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